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Introducing: Clear Weather

May 12, 2017


Despite being fairly new on the footwear scene with their inaugural release back in November of last year, Clear Weather have come flying out of the blocks with a considered collection bursting with quality in their craftsmanship and highly wearable designs.

The Californian brand is independently owned and operated by two brothers, Josh and Brandon Brubaker who themselves have a rich history in the footwear industry having been former designers at renowned SUPRA. Their current range aims to reflect and expand upon who we are as individuals, inspired by classic silhouettes but looking ahead in their design to give off a futuristic feel, and the result is an offering that is mature beyond the brands years. Clear Weather utilises premium materials, with high levels of detailing and consideration in the finish, available at an accessible price point.

We have recently introduced Clear Weather to our footwear line-up here at Urban Industry, as we again look to a brand that offers something unique with a strong sense of direction. Their first release utilises flat sole units with premium material application and sleek styles, with additional details including leather fringed curtains and heel tassels, arriving in low and mid silhouettes. It’s a refreshing take on accessible footwear and we look forward to see how the brand develops over time.

Clear Weather will be arriving with us soon so be sure to follow our social media pages for updates. You can shop our current footwear offering HERE. 

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