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Introducing: Champion Sportswear

May 12, 2017


Champion’s rich history stretches all the way back to 1919, when the Feinbloom brothers established the company in Rochester, New York. The company was, in a sense, born out of necessity, at  a time when competitive sport was beginning to make a large impact worldwide and athletes themselves were taking their sport more and more seriously. Unfortunately there weren’t many companies’ producing clothing that could deal with the rigors of training or competitive situations and much of what the athletes were wearing was improvised.

From supplying school kids with their athletic wear in the 1920’s to seeing its famous C design adorned by hard core bands and rappers alike throughout 80’s all the way to the 2000’s, Champion’s rich 100 year heritage spans across several different subcultures and has played an integral part in shaping street wear as we know it today.  Throughout their time, the brand has been responsible for a number of game changing performance design features, including the iconic Reverse Weave technique with was introduced and patented in 1938, as well as the stretch knit side panels applied to sweaters and sweatpants which aided movement.

Despite showcasing its ability to adapt for the modern consumer and throughout a series of notable collaborations with the likes of Supreme, Stussy and Todd Snyder to name a few, Champion has always maintained its core look and style, carrying it through to modern day. They are famed for their basic sportswear designs, which feature minimal logo designs, and instead focus on the quality and the performance of the piece.

Soon to be arriving with us at Urban Industry, Champion’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection sees the re-introduction of the iconic ‘Reverse-Weave’ technique. Reverse Weave technology is shrink resistant, heightens durability and prevents the garment from stretching. As with many Champions designs, most of the collection features minimal branding and prints, aside from the stand out all over ‘C’ Logo pattern. Simplicity is key throughout and most pieces would make a welcome addition to any wardrobe. Easy to layer or simply to be worn on their own, the collection is versitaile and gives everything we have come to expect from the sportswear giants.

The Champion Spring/Summer Collection will be arriving with us shortly. Be sure to follow our social media pages for updates.

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