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Introducing: Armor-Lux

May 12, 2017

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Despite being renowned for their nautical themed clothing and their iconic ‘Breton’ stripe, Armor-Lux’s story began as a high quality underwear brand.  Founded in Quimper in Brittany, France by Walter Hubacher under the name “The Hosiery Armor”, the brand quickly developed and diversified its production to supply quality clothing for sailors and fisherman.

The brand was and continues to be firmly interweaved into the French culture, with most of its materials sourced within its home town of Brittany, as well as most of its production. Armor-Lux also continues to supply various sectors of the public industries including uniforms for the police, post-office workers and railway staff.

The brand is famed for producing their Breton striped design, which was originally introduced by French law in 1858 to help them locate sailors who had gone over board. Since then the iconic design has made its way into the fashion world, having been adorned by those in the public eye for decades, and continues to be a huge fashion staple, a true classic for any wardrobe.

Nowadays the brand continues to consider their vast history, that spans over 70 years, while taking more contemporary take on their distinctive classic French designs. We recently added Armor-Lux clothing to our line up here at Urban Industry and it’s a welcome addition to our product range, their latest collection still draws from the brands archive, with the famous stripe design featuring throughout in several styles including the Heritage t-shirt, Doelan Sailor t-shirt and Loctudy Sailor top. There is an updated approach to their silhouettes and fabric choice that doesn’t compromise quality and the brands dedication to true craftsmanship.

You can shop the full Armor-Lux collection HERE

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