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indcsn Spring 2013

May 12, 2017

One of the things we’re proud of here at Urban Industry is supporting independent home-grown brands. Brands such as AnyForty have been with us since they virtually started, and over the years we’ve been behind the likes of Bake Designs (be prepared for an amazing 2013 reclaim the throne-style comeback) and Villainous Visard (paging Binz – we’re thirsty for more), helping to bring them before a bigger audience. More recently we’ve been able to take on board a whole host of new upstarts such as Swallows & Daggers and Brighton’s own A.O.N.O (Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned). It’s great to see these brands duking it out with some of the heavyweight streetwear brands on our roster, and the support shown by our customers for these UK brands is always a gratifying thing to see. This isn’t just helping out a home-grown brand out of some kind of pity/charity; this is getting behind a brand because the designs work, the message they send out is one that connects.

indscn has been something of a breakout UK brand these past few seasons. The Leeds-based brand has received acclaim from all corners and their designs seem to have ventured out internationally, waving the flag for UK streetwear proudly as they go. There’s an immediacy to the brand’s designs, whether it’s the punk-inspired graphic prints or snotty ‘Fuck You’ attitude that can quite literally be seen on some of their pieces. This isn’t just paying lip-service to a particular sub-culture in some kind of cringe-worthy High Street misappropriation. indcsn have paid homage to hardcore greats Insted in previous seasons, and this most recent range has nods to both G.B.H. and Iron Boots which can be seen in the Leather, Studs & Acne and Weight Of The World tees respectively. I might be a bit long in the tooth for the ‘Kill Yourself’ and ‘Get Fucked’ beanies (I prefer to let my perma-scowl mean-mugging convey that particular emotion), but they nonetheless fit in perfectly with the brand’s aesthetic.

On top of this attitude, there’s always an ambitious streak within indcsn’s designs. This was evident from pretty early on here at Urban Industry, when their 5-panel game was miles ahead of most others. Floral print? Contrast brims? Neat little square logo tabs? The boys at indscn had been and gone with the whole concept before most others had even cottoned on to it. For this season, we get some smart button-ups in the form of the Costanza shirt. Named after TV’s greatest creation, and my own personal hero, this European-made long sleeve button-down shirt serves to put indcsn another country mile ahead of the other brands snapping at their heels. The limited as hell Canadian-made friends & family hoody that didn’t get a general release is also a thing of beauty to behold. As the brand continues to grow from strength to strength, we’re proud to have indcsn on-board here at Urban Industry


by SeanM

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