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indcsn skate video

May 12, 2017

Independent UK brand indcsn have today released an awesome skate edit. Filmed in their hometown of Leeds, the 8 minute video features a host of local talent including Mike Arnold, Liam Hobson, Chris Parsons and Dale Starkie. I’ll be the first to put my hands up and plead ignorance when it comes to skateboarding. However I love watching people hurt themselves and the sound of skateboard wheels on concrete is up there with tennis balls hitting off racquets for my all-time favourite sounds (see also: the sound of wine being poured, finding the sweet spot on a punching bag). Set to the backdrop of a distinctly Explosions in the Sky-esque post-rock soundtrack (is it them? I dunno), the video is a joy to watch and I implore you to check it out above. Don’t forget you can also shop all indcsn clothing at Urban Industry HERE

By SeanM

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