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indcsn photographed by Hollie Fernando

May 12, 2017

Ahead of the new indcsn drop landing at Urban Industry next week, we are delighted to share the independent UK brand’s latest lookbook shot by talented photographer Hollie Fernando. Hollie has worked with the brand before but this collection of photos is her biggest and most impressive work to date for them. Utilising a single female model, the lookbook eschews the typical ‘we out here’ gang goonery prevalent in a lot of recent lookbooks. Thankfully indcsn have always side-stepped the super played-out ‘let’s just stick a girl in a t-shirt and no pants’ trend that seems to pass as acceptable these days too in favour of letting Hollie’s photography, natural lighting and some considered styling take centre stage.

This is a definite step forward for the brand and I look forward to getting my hands on the new collection when it lands at Urban Industry. If you want check out the full indscn loobook then head on over to The Daily Street where my man Suffocake has got what you need.


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