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Imperial Barber Products

May 12, 2017

Taking sound advice from Wu Tang Financial, we here at Urban Industry have decided to diversify our bonds. For Spring/Summer 2013 we’re trialling a number of new brands that fall maybe a little outside of our usual clothing and footwear offerings. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not chasing that #menswear dollar – there are a number of stores out there presently doing that really well; instead we’re looking to add a few accessory and (I apologise for using this term) ‘lifestyle’ brands that will hopefully sit alongside and complement our current brand roster.

With the recent resurgence in popularity of proper barbershops, we’re seeing a big demand for decent hair and shaving products. We’re regular customers of AONO-owner Paul’s Magnum Opus Barbers over in Brighton, and love the array of products he uses. With that in mind, we had hairstyle products on our radar when UI-owner Dan flew to Las Vegas for the Magic tradeshow a few months ago. There he was lucky enough to hook up with the guys from Imperial Barber Products of Los Angeles. The simple, rugged branding immediately stood out as did the tried-and-tested American-made products that have evolved from over 26 years of barbering from the team behind them. In their own words – “we embrace and support classic American men’s grooming with utilitarian products grounded in heritage and functionality because we use them every day in the field”. To start with, we’ve gone for a selection of both hair and shaving products from Imperial. The Soap and Aftershave are all good for daily use, and the Shaving Kit collects these two items along with a Pre-Shave Oil to keep you looking smooth.

On the hair styling front, we’ve opted for a Gel Pomade and a Matt Pomade Paste. Both of these water-based products run around mid-strength and are best for smarter looks and are easy to restyle. Indeed, there is a really good styling guide over on the Imperial site that covers all kinds of styles HERE. I received a small sample of the Classic Pomade with our order, which is the strongest hold product Imperial offer. After two years of testing, the guys at Imperial are happy that this is one of the best pomades on the market. Dan was told in Vegas that it was adapted for slicked-back ‘Sons of Anarchy’-types that needed a product that could easily be restyled after been stuck under a motorcycle helmet. Now, I used this product before my daily cycle commute to work this morning. The product was easy to work in and smelt awesome, quite like grapefruit. I was amazed by how little I had to use to get a really strong hold. My hair is at that awkward Lego man/screaming out for a haircut stage so the end result wasn’t perhaps as clean as desired, but on shorter hair styles I’d imagine it’d look decent. After cycling in and wearing my bike helmet (infinitely uncooler than breezing down PCH on a Harley), my hair only needed a brief tussle and I was good to go again. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy in my hair either. So even though they may cost a little more than your usual grooming products, I can definitely recommend checking Imperial out. We’re also offering a FREE Imperial comb & gift set with every Imperial product here at Urban Industry while stocks last!


by SeanM

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