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Illustrated history of Nike’s iconic Windrunner Jacket

Jul 12, 2016

In celebration of over 35 years of the iconic Windrunner Jacket being at the very forefront of both track and field and sportswear apparel, Nike have put together this great comic inspired storyboard to show a brief history of the famous jacket.

Originally introduced back in 1979, the Windrunner has been adopted by sports men and women across the globe, as well as those looking for the latest threads on the streets from B-Boys to Roadmen. A silhouette that is both functional as it is stylish, the Windrunner continues to evolve year after year, with new technologies added and current trend demands taken in to consideration.

This year has been dubbed ‘The year of the Windrunner’, which is apt seeing as it coincides with the 2016 Olympics in Rio, a big year all around for sportswear in general. You can expect to see a lot more from Nike this year with some exciting projects set to arrive in store soon. Enjoy the illustrated history below and be sure to check out our range of Nike Windrunner Jacket’s HERE


nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-2 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-3 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-4 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-5 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-6 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-7 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-8 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-9 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-10 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-11 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-12 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-13 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-14 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-15 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-16 nike-windrunner-jacket-illustrated-history-17

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