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HUF Shoes

May 12, 2017

Most people know HUF predominantly as a clothing brand. The San Francisco skate brand has really risen through the ranks in recent years with staples such as their bold graphic tees, allover print 5-panel caps and Plantlife socks capturing the hearts and minds of many UK fans. What most people don’t realise is that Keith Hufnagel’s brand also churn out some pretty solid skateboarding shoes as well that have quietly been ticking away as the amount of hype surrounding the brand’s clothing grew.

For Fall 2013 we here at Urban Industry have taken a delivery of HUF footwear that really showcases what the brand is capable of when it comes to skate shoes. Amongst signature models for Joey Pepper and Peter Ramondetta, we also have fresh interpretations of staple HUF models such as the Choice and Southern shoes. Add to that the limited edition collaboration with graffiti legend Haze for the HUF Mateo x Haze and you have yourself a very desirable collection of footwear.


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