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Herschel Supply Co. Real Tree Camo Collection

May 12, 2017

We’ve had no shortage of camouflage items in stock here at Urban Industry these past 12 months or so. While camo has always been a ubiquitous streetwear staple, we’ve really seen an explosion in its popularity with brands and customers alike. The big players like Nike and Adidas are content to do camo fills on their iconic logos, while brands such as 10Deep and Acapulco Gold continue to forge ahead with custom camo patterns and prints. One style of camo we’ve not seen adopted for the streetwear market before is the famed Real Tree brand. To be honest, I’ve always associated the print with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in his WWF glory days. Enough of my nostalgia; I’ll let the guys at Herschel Supply Co. fill you in on it:

“For over thirty years Real Tree have been crafting illusionary tree prints to aid hunters, bird-watchers and individuals with a need to mimic the look of a forest. Aside from their highly practical use, Real Tree prints are distinct works of art – made of lifelike, cleverly overlapping branches, leaves and pine cones. The six piece Fall 2013 Real Tree Collection includes the Heritage backpack, Sutton Mid, Market tote, Anchor sleeve, Johnny pouch and Hank wallet, all stealthily and stylishly covered from head to toe in Real Tree camouflage”. For Fall 2013 we’re stocking both the Anchor Sleeve For Macbook and the Heritage Backpack.


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