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May 12, 2017

Heft is a new project from SeanM at Urban Industry. The first collection is comprised of 3 pocket t-shirts, with camo playing a large part in the fabric selection. The ‘Duck Hunt’ and ‘Son of the Bear’ tees mix up the current trend for camo a little, whilst the ‘Gordon Bombay’ tee pays homage to the great sport of ice hockey.

"Heft draws influence from my time spent during university playing in bands, helping organise gigs, working merch tables, stamping hands into gigs, postering, flyering, and all the other good stuff that distracted me from studying. Heft is a direct nod to the band t-shirts I bought half-pissed at gigs; to the records I ended up carrying around for the rest of the night trying not to lose or spill beer on.

‘Heft’ was the unifying term we used to describe the heaviness of a band’s sound. In essence it became about a band’s worth – regardless of whether they were punk, or hardcore or metal or indie, all that mattered was if they were ‘heft’.

The idea of the pin badges is directly influenced by the precious real estate on denim jackets and plaid shirts occupied by my favourite band logos in 1 inch form".

Heft t-shirts are priced at £24.99 and are available to buy HERE


Posted by SeanM

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