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Grind London Q&A

May 12, 2017

With the Grind London Jah Bless collection dropping at Urban Industry, we sat down with brand owner Youssef for a chat

1. Hi Youssef. Can you tell us how you got started with Grind London and give us a brief history of the brand?

Like most streetwear brands the beginnings of Grind London are very much grass roots. Apparel wise it started with tees and sweats, and anything else we could screen print onto, and as we and the brand have grown, we’ve developed our skill sets, and more importantly become comfortable in just ‘doing us’.

grind 1

2. With Grind we’ve really seen you push things forward for UK brands with regards to your cut & sew output. With so many brands content to just print on blanks, how important has your approach been to the development of the brand?

It’s allowed us to expand and explore ideas/concepts better. Taking inspiration from an era or genre is limited when you are just printing onto tees, but when you’re able to take inspiration from the attire worn by said groups, and adapt that to fit your own style, you can get a lot more creative, as well as doing the source of inspiration justice.

grind 2

3. The name of your brand is Grind London. To me it seems like the quintessential London brand at the moment. How important is this sense of place to you, especially with the recent international exposure you’ve gotten on the likes of Hypebeast etc.?

London has created this brand, and it feels nice to be recognised as a respectable UK streetwear brand on an international scale. So it’s important we try to represent London and England as well as we can, as coverage of what we’re (Britain) is doing is often limited in this scene.

It’s all about lifestyles and the projection of those into apparel that draws me to good streetwear brands, and hopefully people to ours.

grind 3

4. What’s in the pipeline for Grind London? Anything exciting coming up that you can share with us?

Maintenance of the fire attire. That’s all we’re looking for. The rest will take care of itself.

grind 4

5. Finally, do you have any advice for the youth out there who are thinking of starting their own brands?

If you’ve got nothing to say, don’t speak. If you’ve got nothing to offer, don’t bother. If it’s not honest, I’m not on it. Bun fads.





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