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Grand Scheme Spring 2014

May 12, 2017

As an Irishman, today of all days should find me turnt up on the potentially lethal combination of Guinness, Jameson and Shamrock Shakes. Instead I find myself sat here on St. Patrick’s Day telling you about the new Grand Scheme Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I suppose it makes sense in the grand scheme (lol!!) of things to be talking about the young Australian brand today as it is to that country that so many of my peers have set sail in the great tradition of Irish emigration. Anyway, enough of my musings on what it means to be the Irish and the possibility that we’re genetically hardwired to walk the earth, and let’s focus instead on the job at hand.

We’ve stocked Grand Scheme at Urban Industry for a couple of seasons now. To be honest we’d never really bothered with any other Australian streetwear brands before because a) there weren’t that many to consider and b) there was that weird off-season thing where summer collections focused on colder weather etc. Grand Scheme bucked this trend and arrived on these shores already a fully-formed streetwear brand. Spring 2014 continues the trend for custom prints and intricate cut & sew with some great graphics thrown in for good measure.

The Grand Scheme Spring/Summer 2014 collection is starting to trickle through here at Urban Industry so expect the full collection to be up in a day or two. Don’t forget we offer free UK delivery and returns on all orders placed her at Urban Industry.


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