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FUCT Raging Bull collection Summer 2013

May 12, 2017

I started working at Urban Industry well over 2 years ago. My arrival down here in Eastbourne coincided with the last few bits of FUCT clothing trickling out in the sale. It was a sad day to see one of the original street brands disappear into the night without so much as a whimper. Luckily enough we’ve managed to get the brand back in for Summer 2013 here at UI. The ‘Raging Bull’ collection particularly impressed our buying team here, and we felt it was a really good point to get back onboard with the guys at FUCT. The accompanying lookbook shot in Juarez, Mexico further strengthens the collection and highlights the fact the brand can still produce consistent collections with an underlying theme running throughout. This ain’t no fly-by-night 2 caps/3 tees collection; the cross-border motif informs the whole drop from t-shirt graphics to lookbook photos.

Eric Brunetti’s brand was founded way back in 1990 and was amongst the first wave of brands along with Stussy etc. to forge a path for what falls under the umbrella of ‘streetwear’ today. If you grew up in the 90s chances are you owned or knew someone who owned the classic Ford-rip logo t-shirt. Indeed the brand first came to my attention way back in 2000 when a minor kerfuffle saw Chino Moreno from Deftones and the brand themselves step in to assist a recently-fired journalist who was dismissed for running a photograph of him rocking a FUCT hoody in a Texas newspaper. For someone who knew nothing about the brand, it was cool to see them step in and help. It’s a pretty good indicator actually of what FUCT are about – challenging the powers that be, supporting free speech. Indeed, if you follow Eric Brunetti on Instagram you’ll already know that he’s a man with an opinion or two on the country he lives in. I for one cannot wait to see how the Fuct book for Rizzoli turns out when it released in September. Featuring contributions from the likes of Aaron Rose and the UK’s own Gary Warnett, it promises to be a stellar read. Keep your eyes and ears open here at UI for updates as to when we’ll be stocking it!

The ‘Raging Bull’ lookbook for this collection eschews the ‘half-naked girls in hats’ and ‘bros blowing smoke through their nose’ styles we’ve all come to know and hate about modern streetwear photoshoots. Instead it focuses on the real locals of Juarez and shows them in their everyday settings. Juarez is widely regarded as one of Mexico’s hotter hot-spots for drugs and violence. Instead of exploiting that in the lookbook, FUCT are very much pointing the finger back at America and the insatiable lust for powder and pills that fuels the whole cross-border drug trade. T-shirts such at the Always Fuct tee showcase this anger. It’s a strong statement from the brand, and makes a refreshing change from the usual interchangeable array of streetwear lookbooks we’re presented with. Fair fucks Fuct!


By SeanM

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