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Friday Tunes: Weekend Nachos ‘Worthless’

May 12, 2017

<a data-cke-saved-href="http://weekendnachos.bandcamp.com/album/worthless" href="http://weekendnachos.bandcamp.com/album/worthless">Worthless by Weekend Nachos</a>

Today is my second day back after two weeks away on holiday. Needless to say I'm still jetlagged as anything so I need a good dose of noise to keep me ticking over till home-time. No better band to sort me out than Weekend Nachos and their 2011 album ‘Worthless’. Weekend Nachos specialise in short and fast slabs of brutal noise that incorporates elements of grind, power-violence and hardcore. It’s not all harshness though as a slick groove underpins the whole operation. Check ‘em out above if you need something a little bit stronger than your a.m. coffee to get you going on this cold Friday morning. If you like what you hear then you can check out all their stuff (including new album ‘Still’) on Bandcamp HERE

By SeanM

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