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Friday Tunes: The Kashmere Stage Band ‘Thunder Soul’

May 12, 2017

Back in '67, Conrad O. Johnson, a music tutor from the Kashmere Stage Band in Texas, witnessed the great Otis Redding in concert. He took inspiration from the Soul Man's performance into the classroom and transformed the fortunes of the school's stage band.

During the late 60's, early 70's, stage bands had filled their repertoire with old standards and classic, MOR, pop songs, not so for Mr. Johnson's group. He injected the power of soul and funk into their set with a style reminiscent of James Brown's JB's, with a strict code to match. Their recorded output lay dormant for a while but thanks to Stones Throw records a collection was released in 2006.

Find their sound on whatever music search you use and try to name the Hip Hop samples throughout. Then take time out to watch the Thunder Soul documentary to fully appreciate the role music played in these talented young people's lives.

by GrantP

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