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Friday Tunes: The Blood Brothers ‘Burn, Piano Island, Burn

May 12, 2017

I’m not sure how I haven’t managed to pick The Blood Brothers’ seminal 2003 LP ‘Burn, Piano Island, Burn’ for my Friday Tunes pick in the past. It really is one of my favourite albums and the one that’s stuck with me since I first heard it over a decade ago. Having read last week that the band were reuniting to play this year’s Fuck Yeah Fest in Los Angeles, I thought now is as good a time as any to introduce people to this ground-breaking band.

I always felt that The Blood Brothers fell between two tribes when it came to acceptance. The band were much too flamboyant for the hardcore kids who viewed their tight pants with suspicion and the indie kids gave ‘em no love either, lumping them in with the swathe of white-belted Hot Topic bands that existed in the early 00s. For those that got what the band were about were rewarded with an utterly compelling mix of frentic dual vocals and a range of musical influences that expanded on the punk template to include glam, dub and a whole host of other good stuff.

2003’s ‘Burn, Piano Island, Burn’ was recorded by mega producer of the day Ross Robinson (At The Drive-In, Korn) and is perhaps the band’s most cohesive work. It’s not my favourite album of theirs per se, but I think it’s the beast entry point of the band’s five album discography. The Blood Brothers will play FYF Fest in LA on August 24th 2014. I for one am holding out for more dates. Check out more on the band’s official site HERE

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