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Friday Tunes: Stezo ‘Crazy Noise’

May 12, 2017

Ask anyone into Hip-Hop who the greatest producers are and you'll get a lot of discussion. One name that cannot be disputed though is Paul C. McKasty.

Paul C. did not just make things sound right, he made them positively boom off the vinyl, thump through the speakers and bump up the street. One of his productions: Stezo's 1989 LP "Crazy Noise", is an album full packed full of his Hip-Hop nous.

Firstly, peep the cover. How soon 'til we see this coming through the ranges of our streetwear labels again? (I particularly like the flat dookie gold rings straight off the gold-top milk!) Put the needle on the record and there are samples, that you may recognise, so carefully layered you think this is where they have always been used. Even Nitro Deluxe's "This Brutal House" gets flipped on "Freak The Funk"'s chorus. It just goes to show what could be done with a limited amount of sampling time on the equipment of the day!

Unfortunately Paul C. died at the tender age of 24 in a, still unsolved, shooting at his home and you have to wonder what he would have gone on to achieve? His legacy, though, is the fantastic tracks he put out and the artists he moulded.

My advice: Boom it in your, boom it in your, boom it in your jeep.

by GrantP

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