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Friday Tunes: Spirit ‘Son of Spirit’

May 12, 2017

One day during our busy Xmas period here at UI, I wanted to just relax in a hot bath and put on a record. After scouring my vinyl I remembered one LP – and one track in particular from it – that would suit the mood perfectly. Quite how I had forgotten a band led by someone called Randy California is beyond me!

Formed in '67 as a 5 piece, the album in question was recorded by the then 3 piece and released in 1976 after some success with their previous long player. As well as including 'The Other Song' it has a cover of the Beatle's 'Yesterday' They never really made super stardom but were definitely very well regarded and got plenty of air-play. Unfortunately the foundations of the band have both passed away. Randy California drowned in the process of saving the life of his son whilst surfing and drummer Ed Cassidy died a year ago in Cali at the grand age of 89 – being much older than the rest of the band as he was California's step dad.

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