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Friday Tunes: Soundsci x Ko

May 12, 2017

With the weekend upon us, sustained good weather, payday and our glorious leaders back from holiday, the feel good factor is permeating through everyone here at UI towers. Getting the party started for me at the moment is the bounce of the new Soundsci x Ko’Rok Two 7” single.

Soundsci are a super crew comprised of Jonny Cuba (Dynamic Syncopation), Olly Teeba (Herbaliser), Audessy (Mass Influence), Oxygen (Sputnik Brown) and UGeorge (Hemisphere) and with “The Ultimate” they serve up a slice of nostalgia which has been  remixed into a Hip Hop pop-quiz of classic breaks.  By the end it feels like they have taken a block party, fed it into a juicer, turned on the tap and left you with the concentrated essence to consume. Even the sleeve is reminiscent of an Ultimate Breaks and Beats album, a staple for DJs back in the day (double copies of course).

The B-side “Lockdown” shows off the crew’s lyrical prowess and is given a remix by Ko’Rok Two’s Vinyl Veteran Mac McRaw. The bass line alone is worth the entrance fee, the heavy drums, hot guitar lick and the tortured soul singer make the club smokey, before the tough scratches kick you out the back door and you’re left with a sore neck from all the head nodding.

Head to their site and grab a copy or two of this limited release before it is gone, or for a mere £25 a 7” and t-shirt package too, what you could call Sci-torial elegance!

By Grant P

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