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Friday Tunes: Run The Jewels ‘Run The Jewels’

May 12, 2017

I’m going to keep things a bit more current this week for my Friday Tunes pick with the pretty impressive Run The Jewels album that debuted last week as a free download. Run The Jewels is comprised of hip-hop heavyweights El-P and Killer Mike. I previously touched on my love for El-P and the work he did in the past with Def Jux, and it’s been great to see his style evolve over time and gain a wider audience in the process. Killer Mike I’m not as familiar with, but having come across last year’s R.A.P Music (which El-P also produced), I took a shine to his distinct delivery. Along with El-P’s own ‘Cancer 4 Cure’ LP, 2012 was a good year for both of these artists with both albums featuring highly on many people’s end of year lists.

‘Run The Jewels’ was conceived as a down-time project for both in the wake of touring and promoting their respective albums. Don’t mistake down-time for lazy though, as this album is an absolute belter. Sure, that ‘Drones over Brooklyn’-style El-P paranoia we all know and love is largely absent over the album’s 10 track length. In its place we get some hilarious and menacing shit-talking from El-P and Killer Mike as they both take turns to declare how they’re gonna mess you up in increasingly imaginative ways. Check Mike on the album’s title track – “I'll pull this pistol, put it on your poodle or your fuckin' baby.”

I’m really enjoying this album at the moment and I think it ranks up there with some of the best stuff El-P has put his name to in recent years. Both of these guys are touring at the moment, both separately and together as Run The Jewels where the schedule allows. Hopefully we’ll see them hit the UK at some point. As I mentioned earlier, the album is free to download and you can stream it in its entirety on Mishka’s Bloglin HERE. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also splash out on some cool vinyl packages (check the Run The Jewels herb grinder!) from Fools Gold Records HERE. Either way, you need to be listening to this!

by SeanM

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