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Friday Tunes: Johnny Harris ‘Movements’

November 15, 2013

The 60's were a time for experimentation – "If you were there you wouldn't remember blahdy blah…" but the musical experimentation did not stop with the turn of the decade. 1970 saw the release of a classic mixture of rock, jazz, easy listening and psyche: Johnny Harris's "Movements"

There are tremendous cover versions: "Light My Fire", "Give Peace A Chance", "Wichita Linesman", even "Paint It Black" yet the standout track has to be Harris's own composition "Stepping Stones" which is a fast-paced, B-Boy & B-Girl friendly, percussion & flute 'rock workout'.

Stick it on your system, sit back with your favourite beverage and get your mind blown by the music – just don't look at the cover while doing so, it may just send you over the edge!

by GrantP