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Friday Tunes: Indian Summer ‘Science’

May 12, 2017

Indian Summer are something of a mystery band. What I know for sure is that the band formed in Oakland, California and over the short course of their existence in the 90s produced some of the most influential post hardcore/emo/whatever you want to call it music in their short tenure. Other than that not much is known. Picking the band’s studio discography as their best album in true Alan Partridge ‘Best of the Beatles’ style might seem like a cop-out, but they legitimately didn’t leave a massive body of work behind. Hell, they didn’t even bother naming their songs; instead that duty fell on their fans and to this day the titles are still up for contention. For example, the album stream I’ve posted above from Future Recordings contains song names that I’m not familiar with at all.

Regardless of what you decide to call them, the 9 songs that make up this collection are awesome. Indian Summer are masters of that quiet-loud dynamic that while isn’t exactly rocket science, makes for an intense listen. Opening track ‘I think your train is leaving/Giving’ goes from mumbled quiet parts to full-on screaming and this sets out the stall for what follows over the course of the LP. In a world where the Evening Standard will slap a tie-dyed hoody and a tiny skateboard on a model and call it ‘streetwear’, the term ‘emo’ might throw people off a band like Indian Summer. This isn’t your town centre, mopey fringed variety; this is the real deal. If you only listen to one song then make it ‘Angry Son’ and if this album sits well with you then I recommend checking out bands that came along in the wake of Indian Summer such as City of Caterpillar and pg.99

by SeanM

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