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Friday Tunes: Cave In ‘Tides of Tomorrow’

May 12, 2017

<a data-cke-saved-href="http://cavein.bandcamp.com/album/tides-of-tomorrow" href="http://cavein.bandcamp.com/album/tides-of-tomorrow">Tides of Tomorrow by Cave In</a>

Tides of Tomorrow’ is the 2002 EP from Boston-based band Cave In that was released one year ahead of their major label debut ‘Antenna’. The EP captures the band at a real transitional stage as they ditch their earlier, heavier sound in favour of a more melodic and progressive approach. The seeds that were sown on their 2000 LP ‘Jupiter’ come to full fruition on ‘Tides of Tomorrow’ with tracks such as ‘Come Into Your Own’ and ‘Dark Driving’ pushing a more expansive and spacier sound than the Cave In of old.

The band have recently uploaded their back catalogue on to Bandcamp where you can check out this EP and more by clicking HERE 

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