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Friday Tunes: Beastie Boys ‘Hold It Now, Hit It’

May 12, 2017

Yo Leroy! May the 4th may be 'Star Wars' day but I'll be posting up "Hold It Now, Hit It"  in memory of the King of The Ave with the Def Females – Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA who left this earth on that day 2 years ago.

The Beastie Boys played a huge part in my 80's listening. I painted a MA1 jacket with their logo, waited in all day to see a 5 minute appearance on a Top of The Pops special during the Summer holidays and always had Licensed To Ill in my boombox (taped off the vinyl through my Sister's Amstrad stack system). As founding member, MCA thus played a huge part in my musical life. His vision for the band and his all-round creativity will never be matched.

The day he moved on, I walked through Brighton with my Beastie's cap on. There were so many people wearing t-shirts, caps, whatever adorned with their logo and everyone of us nodded to each other in sadness and recognition of this great man. I could never say we lost MCA: that 'rough as his stubble' voice will always be heard, I just have gratitude his genius found me – be it through music, film, teachings or missing VW badges.

3rd of May is the official MCA-Day in NYC, here's their website.

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