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Friday Tunes: Bacchus ‘Bacchus”

May 12, 2017

<a data-cke-saved-href="http://bacchusband.bandcamp.com/album/bacchus" href="http://bacchusband.bandcamp.com/album/bacchus">Bacchus by bacchus</a>

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting progressively worse; no better time than to get stuck in to some dark and heavy tunes. This week’s Friday Tunes comes courtesy of the self-titled debut LP from Bacchus. Formed in late 2007, Bacchus are a DIY crust/hardcore band that hails from Galway, Ireland. They blend Scandinavian style crust/hardcore with crushing slow/heavy parts & spacey reverb/delay soundscapes.

I ripped that descriptive blurb straight from the lads themselves as I feel it sums them up best. You have that pissed-off, balls-out aggression you’d associate with hardcore mixed up with some trippy experimental bits and progressive song structures. Tracks like ‘Parasite’, the second track on this 2011 LP, showcase this perfectly – bursting straight out of the stalls with a crushing riff and then mutating into an altogether stranger beast by the song’s end.

Comprised of only 8 tracks, this debut record has served the lads well as a calling card all around Europe and America with a couple of tours that have seen them receive great praise from all corners. The band are currently finishing up their second album as well as finalising dates for a winter European tour with Negative Standards. Hopefully we’ll see a few UK dates on the horizon. You can check out more from the band here: http://bacchusband.tumblr.com/

by SeanM

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