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Friday Tunes: Aphrodite’s Child ‘666’

May 12, 2017

Flicking through the channel guide last night my eyes stumbled across BBC4's latest episode in their fantastic "Sound Of The Cinema" series. Presenter Neil Brand has been interviewing creators and composers of iconic film scores and last night's program focused on synthesizers and sound design.

Featured was an interview with the enigmatically named Vangelis and his compositions for the film Chariots Of Fire. Briefly mentioned was his past work as a member of Aphrodite's Child,  a Greek progressive rock band who had the high pitched Demis Roussos as lead singer, and their output. One of their LPs was "666" and I go back to it pretty regularly.

The concept album was based on the bible passages The Apocalypse of John 13/18 and throughout the music is inter-spliced with sound effects and spoken word, including the immense build-up on side 1 to "The Four Horsemen", creating an aural experience that you can either have on in the background or sit and listen to. If you have vinyl playing capabilities, I'd recommend finding the LP as the sleeve has a great piece of art inside and the lyrics – which may help with the listening experience. I would also recommend the b-side of their single "It's Five O'Clock" (which I luckily picked up for 20p at a bootsale!) Enjoy the heavy sounds.

by GrantP

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