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Friday Tunes: Aesop Rock ‘Bazooka Tooth’

May 12, 2017

I’ve found myself digging out my old Aeosp Rock records this week having rocked up to work at Urban Industry on Monday morning and hearing his distinctive voice emanating from the shop stereo. Turns out it was just some random hip-hop playlist to numb the warehouse staff’s pain of picking a weekend’s worth of orders. Nonetheless it inspired me to check out Aesop’s back catalogue once again. There was a time when I pretty much exclusively listened to likes of Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox and the rest of el-p’s Definitive Jux roster. That was my era of hip-hip for sure and without sounding like a broken down old man, imma opt for Aesop Rock over A$AP Rocky any day of the week.

2003’s ‘Bazooka Tooth’ isn’t regarded as one of Aesop’s best albums, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for it. I caught him on the tour for this album on a double-header with C-Rayz Walz many moons ago at Dublin’s Ri-Ra club. I’m pretty sure this was my first hip-hop gig having come up mostly on punk and rock shows. It blew my young mind for sure with Aesop and C-Rayz spitting these incredibly complex bars and freestyling at will. Between that and the fact you had kids up the front scribbling this all down on a Ten Commandments tip, it definitely left an impression for sure. Aesop Rock is still touring and putting out some amazing stuff (check out 2012’s ‘Skelethon’). You can check out more over on his official site HERE

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