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Free Download: Spark Master Tape ‘The SWOUP Serengeti’ Mixtape

May 12, 2017

Some free music for your ears today courtesy of the guys at Mishka. Spark Master Tape has mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, no-one seems to know much about him but his stuff sounds good. This video for ‘Half of Bengal’ had me hooked the minute they busted out the Dreamcast. I trust the guys at Mishka; their Bloglin is always on-point and in the past they’ve turned me on to other good stuff like Das Racist and Le1f. Check out what they had to say about this new mixtape:

Spark Master Tape is your favorite rapper, you haven't heard yet. When we first came across Spark, we were deep in a Datpiff hole that lead us to Syrup Splash, a mixtape with a small white child in place of Dr. Dre on the cover of The Chronic. There was a song about Amber Rose's pussy, that was really about the power of all pussy. There was a gut wrenching track about dead homies called "Uzi On My Instagram". We were intrigued.

#SWOUP Serengeti is one of the best mixtapes/albums released this year. Now you get to hear it. Produced entierly by Paper Platoon, the record somehow manages to have enough bump and 808s to satisfy y'all that think Juicy J is god and enough verbal dexterity to have everyone that misses the old days of rappity rapping. You can bump this in your jeep (I assume you have a jeep), or you can burn one and pontificate life to it. There's enough hard beats, weirdness, and complex rhymes to keep #SWOUP Serengeti in heavy rotation for a long time to come”.


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