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Fourstar Clothing Spring 2013

May 12, 2017

For Spring 2013, Fourstar Clothing have gone down a different route from the traditional lookbook. In a refreshing move, Fourstar have presented their current season’s offerings in the form of a road trip to Florida. Team riders such as Sean Malto, Tony Trujillo and the legendary Eric Koston all make an appearance and the tour diary makes for an interesting read. Instead of the usual product-heavy ‘buy our stuff’ approach adopted by most brands, Fourstar have come up with a fun concept that not only features some cool skateboarding photography, but also focuses on the team riders themselves just dicking about and having fun.

I’ve always been a fan of Fourstar’s clean approach to clothing. They seem to capture that effortless cool aesthetic that core skateboarding brands have, yet still manage to build on it with some pretty advanced cut & sew and outerwear. Where most skate brands are content to hang their creative hats on a simple logo t-shirt, Fourstar have gone one step beyond and produced whole signature lines for their team riders that encompass denim, shirting, fleece and outerwear. The tailored cuts and subtle approach to branding offer a more mature option for skateboarders as well as drawing in a more fashion-conscious customer who may not be as familiar with Fourstar as a skateboarding brand.

Some key pieces from the Spring 2013 collection include the Coronado Short Sleeve Shirt and the Obispo Long Sleeve Shirt, both of which feature a custom yarn dyed striped design throughout. Some bold use of pattern comes in the form of the Highspeed Camper 5-Panel Cap and the Highspeed Socks 2Pack which both feature a tasteful use of an allover animal print. Elsewhere we see the custom bolts pattern from pro skateboarder Brian Anderson utilised well over a range of short-sleeve shirts and striped pocket t-shirts. All in all a pretty solid collection with some great options to rock during the warmer months ahead.



by SeanM

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