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Fisk Q&A

May 12, 2017

With Hypebeast picking up on Fisk fish leather goods and accessories last week, we thought the timing was just right to sit down with Rob Fairweather, from UK distribution company Black Closet to talk about the brand:

1. Fish leather is something we’re not familiar with here at Urban Industry. Can you take us through the process of how it’s made?

We agreed early on that FISK13 would stay away of the mass production, keeping the brands products tailor-made. FISK13 passion lays in the ability to be intimately involved every step of the way, from design to fabrication. The process includes traditional craftsmanship as well as creative solutions as FISK13 is breaking ground with its products.

2. How does fish leather compare with regular cow leather? What are the differences?

Fish is fantastic! It’s thin yet very durable and get high marks when we test the abrasion and colorfastness. However, the main reason for FISK13 to work with fish doesn’t lay in the unique characteristics. We chose fish skin for environmental reasons as well as for it’s beauty.

3. Is sustainability important to FISK13?

FISK13 is ethical elegance.

One of the foundations that form the characteristics of FISK13 is the ecological awareness. By incorporating social, environmental and economic aspects into the corporate decision making the brand follows the rules of a sustainable business.

FISK13 let its ecological strategy impact all steps of the production; from the organically grown fishes to the sewing. Also the tanning process follows a strict environmental approach in using biodegradable substitutes instead of harmful chemicals such as chrome or heavy metals. The manufacturing is a hands-on process with little carbon footprint.

3.5 What kind of fish do FISK13 use in production?

Focus in the first FISK13 collection is the skin of the locally (Indonesia) bred Tilapia Nilotica (Nila).

The fish is raised in selected lakes and spring waters of Java and North Sumatra, with superior water quality and ecologically friendly conditions.

It’s important to point out that the skins FISK13 uses are a bi-product of the food industry.

4. Are you limited with the sizes of pieces you can produce as your source material is naturally quite small?

It is a question of merging different pieces together. It takes long time, requires special skills and craftsmanship, as well as careful quality control. I’m happy to say that we are very satisfied with the first collection of FISK13!

5. Any exciting new products in the works for FISK13?

Yes! In future FISK13 will be widening its range of products. We will however keep faithful to fish, as this is the signature of FISK13. Coming products will be available in a variety of different fish skins.

FISK13 responds to a new international reality that requires the capacity to integrate design, inspirational culture, creative know-how and environmental awareness into a single project.

The mission of the FISK13 brand is to present an accessory collection with emphasis on a very rarely used and not common material transformed into contemporary and high quality accessories for the day-to-day use.


by SeanM

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