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Field Notes Night Sky Edition

May 12, 2017

'Space is the place', as Sun Ra once informed us. This season sees Field Notes pay homage to the great unknown with the Field Notes Night Sky Edition 3-Pack. As with all Field Notes special edition packs, the theme has been meticulously researched and the end product is a real labour of love. The set of notebooks in this pack map out three different sets of space constellations. The stars are highlighted with a silver holographic foil and the whole thing is bound together with shiny black staples.  It is evident that the guys at Field Notes are passionate about what they do, and that’s why they remain a perennial favourite here at Urban Industry. We’ll turn it over to them now to take us through the idea behind the pack and the technical details involved:

“Countless lines of prose, poetry, and music have been written in hopes of capturing the magic of a summer night, but leave it to FIELD NOTES to take an inexplicably transcendent feeling and distill it down to basic science: it’s the stars. If you live in the city, you may often forget that there are more than a handful of ‘em up there. But if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere without light pollution, seeing the Milky Way stretched across the sky on a moonless summer night never gets old.

Our nineteenth edition of FIELD NOTES COLORS celebrates the wonders that cross the summer sky each night. The “Night Sky” 3-Pack features French Construction “Blacktop” covers, mapping out three sets of constellations that have graced the northern hemisphere summer sky long before “summer” was given a name. Constellations and popular asterisms are highlighted in silver holographic foil. Inside is our usual beloved Finch Opaque text paper, with a new “Reticle Graph,” sort of a hybrid of our popular dot-grid and graph papers. It’s all bound together with shiny black staples.

Choosing the sections of sky to depict involved a lot of research. Illustrating thousands of stars was a lot of work. But even after all that, and a self-taught crash course in astrophotography, we weren’t prepared for two amazing nights at Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada. We’ve posted a 6 hour and 20 minute film of the night sky from dusk to dawn shot and rendered at 4K. Check out The Stars and Their Courses and also this short highlight reel from one of the darkest spots in North America.

There’s only so much information we can cram into a 3.5- x 5.5-inch pocket notebook, but our love of 4-point Futura is well known, so cram we did. The three books are roughly aligned to midnight in the northern hemisphere in early, mid-, and late summer, and replacing our usual “Practical Applications” the inside back covers features corresponding facts and tips to help get your stargazing underway. After a clear night and maybe a cocktail or two, you’ll impress your friends by finding Arcturus, pointing out the Summer Triangle, and locating the “Andromeda Galaxy” M-31, all with your naked eye”!


By SeanM

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