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Edwin Jeans As Worn By Alex Burt of Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms

August 17, 2016

Our ‘Edwin As Worn By’ feature returns to the UI Journal as we speak to Alex Burt of Brighton based barber shop Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms.

The Edwin As Worn By feature looks to show appreciation towards those who are dedicated to their craft and place a strong importance on hard work and quality in their output, something that Edwin themselves represent and promote.

The Barbering industry and the culture that surrounds it has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, with the male market choosing to move away from the more widely available Unisex salons in the search for the traditional barbershops that can offer more of a tailored service in mens grooming. From this rise in popularity we have seen new premium male hair products introduced, sales in mens grooming kits sky rocket and even barbers merch grow increasingly popular amongst the masses, in some cases even merging with trends within streetwear and menswear. Teddy Edwards and it’s founder Alex are representative of this shift towards a more personalised service for the modern man, and we were interesting to know his story on how he got in to barbering, how he started Teddy Edwards and what the future holds for the brand…


Could you tell us more on how you got in to Barbering? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I got into Barbering after finishing a 2 year apprenticeship in hairdressing. I ended up getting into Barbering after discovering my love for precision cutting and sharp finished looks. I never enjoyed colouring, so Barbering felt more natural for me. I can’t say that I chose this as a career, but over time, I figured that this is was something I was good at and stuck with it.

How did you get started with Teddy Edwards?

Teddy’s was born after I decided that I had to go on my own and create a new direction in modern Barbering. I’d spent my career either being inspired or dismayed at how barber shops were being run and knew I had something really special to offer. I started when Barbering was going through a dark period, and now the industry is being recognised as a real craft. So Teddy’s I guess, came at just the right time.

Where does the name come from?

The name is a twist on my Grandad’s and my middle name. He was a really sharp dressed man, all of the time. He constantly had his hair perfect and never left home without wearing a tie. It seemed only right to honour him like this.

Is there a reason you chose to set up shop on Brighton and Hove?

Brighton is my hometown, so it was a no brainer. I’ve been working in this town since my apprenticeship, just over twenty years now, so I knew that what Brighton needed in terms of a new Barber shop.

What do you feel sets Teddy Edwards apart from other barber shops?

Teddy’s really bridges the gap between modern hair salons and old school barbering. We have the right blend of good quality hair cutting and attention to the smallest of details. Also, we have a fantastic relationship with our customers, and always work hard to make sure we provide a unique experience for everyone.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get in to barbering? 

Be selective where you start, as it could determine your future. I was lucky in that my mentor was a real natural, and showed me that this craft is more than just cutting. It’s all in the detail of every aspect when you walk through the door in the morning. Also, you gotta be a team player. I wouldn’t have got this far without my crew. Being part of such a tight crew gets you through the tough times and lets you share the great ones too!

You’ve expanded the store to include more lifestyle products, are there any other areas you would like to expand in to with Teddy Edwards?

I’d love to have a product range one day. We also have a small line of t-shirts coming out, having fun with designs that are from local artists that are also our customers.

Teddy Edwards now has two locations, one on Brighton’s Seven Dials and also a shop near Hove Station, are there any other areas you would like to open up shop?

I’m happy with our presence in Brighton and Hove, I won’t expand yet, not until both shops are running smoothly and I can focus all my energy in to a new project. If I was though, maybe London? A friend yesterday, suggested New York!

Can you tell us about any new exciting projects coming up with Teddy Edwards?

We are currently working on a portfolio to showcase our work and flair. I don’t want to give to much away as I want it to be a surprise!

Why do you wear Edwin Jeans?

I just love the quality of the denim and also the fit. As I said, it’s all in the detail for me and Edwin jeans seems to embody just that. Also, they look great on!

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