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DSPTCH arrives at Urban Industry

May 12, 2017

We’re all quite keen photographers here at Urban Industry; well not me personally as I struggle with the most rudimentary functions of my camera phone, but we’ve all been united in our praise of San Francisco-based DSPTCH and their wide array of camera straps, electronic device cases and other accessories. Utilising a very clean almost military aesthetic, the young brand has garnered worldwide acclaim from both the worlds of streetwear and photography alike.

DSPTCH explain this military influence – “while drawing inspiration from the tactical and military fields, the originating concept was built on applying the same meticulous design and functionality standards used for soldiers to consumer accessories and everyday items. Our goal is to provide functional, affordable and aesthetically-pleasing accessories to the growing global market and continue to innovate, re-think and challenge conventionalism and complacency”. Such influences can be seen in the ballistic mesh, packcloth nylon and use of camouflage throughout their designs.


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