DJ Shadow – Entroducing – The Sampled Tracks, Via Consultthis Spotify

September 10, 2014

Being a fanatical DJ Shadow fan I’m always on the look out for related material and when the recent stuff doesn’t pass my muster as much as the earlier Mowax and solo outings did this playlist has kept the wolf from the door so to speak. An old friend of mine has been compiling it for a while now and with a few, recent editions i’d thought I’d share it for your listening pleasure.

Im guessing that its not far off being a complete list of every track that DJ Shadow cut, cobbled and blended to make the legendary album that is ‘Entroducing’. Its amazing to hear tracks where even the tiniest snippet has been taken and mixed into the finished album sounding like it was always meant to be there. Enjoy.

DJ Shadow Entroducing
DJ Shadow Entroducing

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