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Dickies AW13 collection

May 12, 2017

I’ve written a lot about my obsession with Dickies over the last few months here at Urban Industry (see HERE and HERE). The American workwear brand is easily my favourite men’s clothing line full-stop. Before I even knew about streetwear or brands such as Stussy or Supreme, I was rocking the 874s and the pressed work shirts. A brand such as Dickies transcends the notion of streetwear or any fickle fashion trend. They’ve existed for nearly 100 years and have been worn by everybody from hardworking tradesmen to skateboarders; ranch hands to L.A gang members. The one thing all these distinct groups gravitate towards is the undeniable quality in Dickies garments. With the more recent explosion in popularity within streetwear we’ve seen some pretty suspect brands pop up and the quality of their gear has been questionable to say the least. Pick up a pair of Dickies work pants however and you’ll find the same tough-as-shit build quality that won’t let you down. Add to that their favourable pricing (shirts around £44.99, pants starting around £39.99), and you’ve got one of the best value for money brands we stock here at Urban Industry.

Dickies could easily rest on these laurels a la Ben Davis and just pump out the staples that they are famous for. No one would complain and I’m pretty sure kids would still be rocking them in years to come. However, Dickies also produce some killer seasonal collection and the most recent AW13 drop is a strong indicator of the progression within the brand. I love it when the colder weather comes about as it really gives brands like Dickies to flex their outerwear strength. Quilted overshirts, heavyweight plaids and leather-sleeved varsity jackets all make up the bulk of Dickies autumnal offerings. Nothing super fancy or flashy, just really well-made pieces that will see you though till Spring. Elsewhere we’ve got tasteful use of camouflage sprinkled throughout the collection. From the camouflage lining on the Otis pants to contrast patterns used on the Almont shirts and Dumont crew sweats, Dickies prove that when it’s done right camo can still be a strong look.

I know I’ll be filling my boots with this season’s drop. I really can’t stress enough how well-made Dickies clothing is. Why not check out the full collection today. Don’t forget we offer FREE UK shipping on all Dickies orders, and we’ll even offer FREE UK returns if you’re not happy with your purchase.


by SeanM

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