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Dickies – A Love Affair

May 12, 2017

My love affair with Dickies, the granddaddy of American workwear brands, began sometime in the mid to late Nineties. As a kid growing up in rural Ireland, my connection with anything music or fashion related was restricted to a shitty dial-up internet connection and TV channels like P-Rock and MTV2. The sportswear and silly dreadlocked nonsense associated with nu-metal seemed daft even then, but one band stood out for me in terms of both looks and sounds. That band was Deftones, and more specifically their lead singer Chino Moreno. Here was a band that had it all for an impressionable kid like me. Dressed in regulation Dickies, coaches jackets and All Stars, they looked cool as anything. It helped too that their sound was pushing far past anything else around at the time on the metal scene. I will to this day still put up my hands and say I rip Chino’s style off on a daily basis. Forget your 5-panels and pinrolls, I’m going keep dressing like its 1998.


Dickies 874s have always been my trouser of choice, and I’ve owned many pairs over the years (always one size too big, and one size too short so they sit right). Yes, they are stiff as hell when you buy them first, but with repeated wear and tear you end up with a super-soft pair of work pants. The photos on the right show how soft a pair of Dickies becomes after a good deal of wear. I’ve never been a denim geek, possibly because I’ve never seen the need to trade up from pants like this that last forever. Same goes for the Dickies jackets and shirts I’ve owned over the years. Good, honest workwear that’s built to last and won’t dent your wallet too much.

dickies 2

The guys who distribute Dickies here in Europe have smartened up the range a good deal in recent year, introducing more tailored trousers like the Dickies 873 and 182 pants. So even if you’re not a late 90’s nu-metal survivor like me, you can still get in on the workwear look. We’ve just taken a large restock of Dickies here at Urban Industry, so mosey on over and have a look at the full range we have on offer: HERE 

While you’re at it, why not go waste an afternoon watching Deftones on Youtube.

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