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Danner Footwear for SS20 & Exercise During Social Distancing

Mar 30, 2020

It’s a pretty surreal time we’re living through at the moment, with the Covid-19 pandemic and all the uproar and distress it’s causing around the world.

One thing is clear to us here at Urban Industry: we all need to stay as healthy as we can, both physically and mentally. Social-distancing measures are in place, but we can – and should – still get outside and partake in vital exercise, namely running and walking.

With that in mind, we thought we’d suggest some summer-friendly Danner models that will facilitate your exercise during social distancing and beyond.

Caprine Low

Designed with urban users in mind, the Caprine is one of Danner’s most exciting and ‘modern-looking’ silhouettes.

It’s not just made for the city streets and the morning commute, though. It may be lightweight, but it can seamlessly hop into rigorous outdoor activities at the drop of a hat – holding its own among more overtly rugged Danner models such as the Trail 2650.

Danner Caprine Low at Urban Industry

The upper is breathable, and the custom Vibram outsole provides more than enough cushioning and traction, where you’re on tarmac or trail

We have it in a green ‘Deep Lichen’ colourway, as well as the brighter ‘Plaza Taupe’

Trail 2650 (3”)

Sticking with the modern theme but shifting to a slightly more ‘technical’ angle, we’ve got the Trail 2650 in the 3” option – a low hiker crossed with a trail-running shoe.

Made from a mixture of high-quality leather and lightweight textiles, it’s a lightweight shoe that also guarantees a level of durability that everybody needs from their outdoor footwear, whether you’re a keen explorer or an occasional dabbler.

Danner Trail 2650 Boots at Urban Industry

Cushioning-wise, you won’t find anything better, due to the three-layer protection provided by the Ortholite footbed, combined with the brand’s own PlyoGo midsole and the Vibram 460 outsole.

Again, like the Caprine, this looks on-point in any environment, whether out in the wilderness or in more built-up areas.

You’re spoilt for choice on colourways. First, there’s ‘Dark Gray/Brick Red’ (the only one to also feature Gore-Tex, FYI); then there’s Brown/Red, Black/Grey, Charcoal/Goblin Blue and Brick Red.

If you fancy something slightly more high-top, try the 4” version in Brown/Gold – also featuring Gore-Tex.

Explorer 650 (6”)

A modern interpretation of the classic Danner Light, the brand’s Explorer 650 is a timeless-looking hiking boot that’s injected with cutting-edge technology.

The upper is made from a combination of suede and nylon, with a totally waterproof barrier underneath.

Danner Explorer 650 Boots at Urban Industry

It wouldn’t be a Danner boot without the focus on cushioning and support, starting with the three-layer Ortholite footbed and going right through to the Vibram SPE midsole and the Vibram Escape outsole – guaranteeing comfort as well as grip.

Unlike the Caprine and the Trail 2650, this is very much a boot, not a shoe.

All four colour options are subtle and eternally stylish, so you might have a tough time deciding!

South Rim 600 (4”)

Another marriage of heritage and cutting-edge, the South Rim 600 is a summer-friendly hiking boot that’s similar to the Explorer 650, but with a more streamlined aesthetic and a lower ankle.

Danner South Rim 600 Bots at Urban Industry

The suede and nylon upper is nicely breathable as you’d expect, not to mention abrasion-resistant – so this can easily become your everyday shoe wherever you are. On top of that, the material has moisture-wicking capabilities to fend off the sweat during particularly warm days, which you’ll be very thankful for when the time comes.

The South Rim 600 comes in just one colour: sand suede with navy nylon.

Take good care of yourself

Now more than ever, we all need to look after ourselves and each other. A bit of fresh each day will work wonders.

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