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CX City interviews Jon Donaghy of Well Fed

May 12, 2017

I’ve long been a fan of Well Fed, the gritty US streetwear brand that’s been kicking around for the past few years. The brand’s stark monochromatic designs lend both a unique identity and a signature dark vibe across their releases. Without sounding like a backhanded compliment, the brand reminds me of merchandise for some awesome band. No fancy cut & sew, just some bold designs across a range of tees and sweats. The band link isn’t that tenuous actually as brand owner Jon Donaghy has designed merchandise for hardcore groups such as Backtrack and Trapped Under Ice. Jon recently sat down with CX City as part of their Creative Minds, Creative Spaces series. The resulting article is both informative and enlightening as it covers the young designer’s journey from his Atlanta hometown to NYC and back again. You can check out the full in-depth article HERE. While you’re at it check out the Well Fed site HERE

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