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Crooks and Castles x Monopoly collection Summer 2013

May 12, 2017

With the huge amount of collaborations churned out every season within the small and incestuous world of streetwear, it may came as no surprise to learn that we can become a bit jaded with the wave of  Brand A meets Brand Ronseal-esque ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ drops that land on our doorstep. That’s why when something comes along that is genuinely a bit different it tends to rouse us out of our slumber a bit here at Urban Industry HQ. Step forward the Crooks & Castles x Monopoly collection of t-shirts as the most recent example of this…

The connection between Crooks and the Parker Borthers’ famous boardgame is pretty genius to be honest. Crooks & Castles have always been about that luxurious lifestyle and the nefarious ways in which one can go about acquiring wealth and status. What better reflection of this is there than Monopoly – the game that rewards greed and sheer capitalistic skulduggery? Seriously, play this game with your family and/or loved ones and you won’t be long finding out what absolute bastards they are. You think your own kin won’t shake you by your ankles and drain you of every last penny to stay at their fancy-ass hotel on Mayfair? Think again chump.

For Summer 2013, Crooks & Castles have come together with Hasbro to produce a limited line of collab t-shirts that features iconic artwork from the classic game along with some typical Crooks ‘get dat money’ slogans and flips. Some nice little touches here include the red Monopoly box logo tabs on the sleeves in place of the usual Crooks ones. There’s some pretty cool dual branding throughout as well. We only put this collection live yesterday and it’s already flying out, so don’t expect it to hang about for long!


by SeanM

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