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Crooks and Castles Holiday 2013 Collection

May 12, 2017

One of the strongest ranges of clothing this year turned up on our doorstep last week. Crooks and Castles always without fail bring out season after season of top quality garments and accessories. Crooks and Castles have been going from strength to strength in recent months from a Diamond-like t-shirt and accessory brand to more of a Black Scale custom garment lifestyle label. While this season features a strong range of t-shirts with Crooks' distinctive style and Snakes and money themed prints, there is a heavy emphasis on more custom clothing. The Cobra crew sweat for example is a fine piece of custom cut and sew with a genuine leather body and 100% cotton sleeves. 

Every now and again a brand will drop a collection which is exactly what it should be. A range where the garments themselves mirror the prints on the front and/or the ethos of that brand. This is how streetwear should work. Unfortunately, it's not always like that which is why it was so refreshing when this holiday drop showed up. This ethos is reflected in the Crooks and Castles x Monopoly collection of which continues this winter. This collaboration being significant at Urban Industry as initially it seemed strange and not thought through. It has turned out to be one of the smartest and seamless brand matches to date. The Crooks and Castles name comes from the idea that everyone is essentially a crook even if they are hiding behind luxury and grandeur. The same goes for Monopoly, a game which rewards screwing over the people you love and general capitalism-mongering. 

The newest feature of the range is the new 'Ballin Mane' logo which is the most prolific print this season. Printed and embroidered across everything from jackets to beanies and leather to gold cotton. There's also a strong emphasis on leather and more exotic styling such as the Sultan Anorak which has an air of Persian about it. 

2013 has been an alll round good year for Crooks and Castles as they jump head first into the world of being a lifestyle brand. Not only do we see tighter ranges of clothing but also Crooks heading up major cultural events along side the likes of Diamond Supply Co. Maybe founders Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio are after a slice of the fame Nick Tershay enjoys. Having said that though, Crooks and Castles are definitely a brand to keep an eye on as they are on the escalator to success. 


By JamesM

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