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Crepe City Round Up

May 12, 2017


Last Saturday, the 25th of April, we headed to the Truman Brewery of Brick Lane along with thousands of sneaker fanatics to check out countless stalls and booths showcasing the latest and rarest in sneakers, clothing and accessories. The afternoon was full of good vibes, with the music loud, live art from some of the best in Europe and good conversation, it was a true celebration of UK fashion and sneaker culture.

Growing from humble beginnings and following 2 years of hard work from their team, Crepe City now holds the title of Europe’s largest sneaker festival and deservedly so. It brings people of all ages and backgrounds together in one gigantic space, to share their common interest and love for sneakers and the lifestyle that comes with the culture. This Crepe City turned it up a notch once again, as we saw the standard sea of stalls from collectors and stores sat alongside big name companies including PUMA and Diadora, showcasing their latest offerings. Collaborations between Crepe City and the likes of Jason Markk and Ropes were again signs of the brands growth and offered us a glimpse into the exciting direction that Crepe City are heading.

You can see our full photo recap from the event below. If it leaves you feeling like you need to update youre crepe’s, you can shop our current footwear range HERE

Crepe_City_02 Crepe_City_03 Crepe_City_04 Crepe_City_06 Crepe_City_09 Crepe_City_11 Crepe_City_12 Crepe_City_13 Crepe_City_14 Crepe_City_15 Crepe_City_16 Crepe_City_31 Crepe_City_17 Crepe_City_18 Crepe_City_19 Crepe_City_20 Crepe_City_21 Crepe_City_23 Crepe_City_24 Crepe_City_25 Crepe_City_26 Crepe_City_27 Crepe_City_28 Crepe_City_29 Crepe_City_30 Crepe_City_22

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