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Cereal Volume 5: Travel & Lifestyle

May 12, 2017

Volume 5 of Cereal marks a new and exciting chapter for the magazine. The team at the Bristol-based publication take us through the changes – “You’ll notice some changes in our publication; namely, we’ve made the transition to becoming a travel and lifestyle magazine, as reflected in our new, simple strap: Travel & Lifestyle. We’ve also evolved our design, including the cover, updating our overall look and feel. These amends are ones that we firmly believe improve our title, and we hope our readers will enjoy the new additions and alterations as much as we have creating them. Below is the editor’s letter from volume 5, to give you further insight into the developments they’ve made”:

“Most of my childhood memories are of family holidays. My father, the inveterate traveller, espoused the values of seeing the world and insisted every school break was spent somewhere different and exotic. He perceived infinite worth in our trips, and to this day, regards travelling as a means of prolonging life. That inimitable impression of having done and seen a million things within just a few short days while on vacation allows you to discern time more fully. That’s the notion he’s referring to.

He inculcated a sense of curiosity and adventure that’s become a defining characteristic of who I am; a peripatetic who will always make time to get away, even if it’s just for the weekend, to step outside my comfort zone and gain a sense of place in an unusual setting. It’s this process of seeking knowledge and experiences in unfamiliar territories that we find most exciting at Cereal; it’s motivated us to take the leap into becoming a travel and lifestyle publication starting from this volume. We have also launched GUIDED: a collection of bespoke, online travel guides. But food and drink aficionados need not fret. We’ll still enthusiastically cover these arenas, albeit through a travel lens. For me, food forms an intrinsic part of travel, and thus will always have a place within our pages.

Our first foray into fashion editorial also makes an appearance in this volume. I’m hesitant to use the word ‘fashion’ because we’re invested in cultivating personal style rather than delivering the latest trends. As such, this shoot with a focus on travel bags, is a clear reflection of our clean, minimal style. Shot in black and white at our local gallery, I can happily report that it’s a good indication of our daily uniform.

If I had to single out an indelible moment in the creation of this volume, it would unequivocally be my day at Tresco Abbey Gardens on the Isles of Scilly. Discovering a tropical garden in England, deserted and shrouded in ethereal mist, caught me completely off guard, and that element of surprise is my favourite part of travel.”

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