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Catching up with Radel and Jordan of MOST Melbourne

Jul 12, 2016

An integral part of our business and growth here at Urban Industry is finding the most exciting up and coming independent brands, sourced from around the world, to add to our ever growing brand portfolio. Our latest find arrives in the shape of MOST, a Melbourne based streetwear label, that draws inspiration from their city surroundings and interprets them in to clean designs . Utilising bold lines, vibrant colours and simplistic street ready silhouettes, MOST delivers highly wearable apparel available at an accessible price point. To celebrate the arrival of the young Melbourne brand we caught up with MOST’s founders, brothers Radel and Jordan, to find out a bit more on the brands origins, inspirations and aims for the future…


Hey Radel, how’s it going? Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at MOST?

Yeah good thanks. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’m 21. At MOST we are a team of two, including myself and my twin brother Jordan. Together we are responsible for doing everything from the designs to posting orders., excluding our imagery which is produced by working with local Melbourne photographers. We take on a few different roles within the brand however design is our main focus.

How did you get started with MOST?

We both always wanted to start something of our own. Beginning university we were both stuck doing different courses we didn’t enjoy. Jordan dropped out of his original course and started studying Graphic Design the next year. I think we both knew we had an interest in design but after Jordan changed courses we quickly realised how heavily into design we both were, and I followed after that. When we were around 19 we felt like we could start our own brand and we decided to give it a go. Initially we were picked up by local stores as well as selling on our online store and we just went from there. A few years on and it’s both exciting and humbling to be able to work internationally with a store like Urban Industry.

Is there a story behind the name? What does it represent in the brand?

The goal for the name of the brand was to be short and memorable. We wanted the name to be able to stick in people’s minds when they saw it. We wanted a word that had a positive meaning and connotation associated with it. I think this is represented in the brand with what we are trying to achieve, our overall outlook and approach to how we do things. MOST pairs nicely with Melbourne, which is also important.

151031-Most Melbourne-0362

Each collection so far, including the latest release, has been heavily graphic based. What are the main inspirations behind the designs?

The main inspirations for our designs come from Melbourne and the culture around the city. I think your surroundings always influence you so the ideas behind the designs are just our interpretations of this. Our own personal interests are also reflected throughout the brand which is evident within the sporting references.

We are starting to see a lot more from Australian streetwear brands here in the UK. What’s the current streetwear scene like in Aus at the minute?

It‘s really great that Australian streetwear brands are getting more exposure around the world and in the UK. There are a few Australian brands that have been doing it for a while and are as strong as any other brands from around the world. There are a few of the newer brands and stores that are really gaining traction and making people notice. So I think that there are more and more people in Australia that are willing to have a go at doing it for themselves. It’s great that people have that attitude and everyone likes to support something that represents where they are from. The landscape of streetwear in Australia is definitely growing and changing.

Do you feel that being based in Melbourne has affected MOST’s aesthetic and the way in which you communicate the brand?

Yeah for sure, I think that being from Melbourne and being based here has strongly influenced the brand. As I mentioned, I think your surroundings affect what you do and what you are exposed to. We want to positively represent where we are from and I think is it an effective way to differentiate ourselves from brands that are from elsewhere. In terms of the design aesthetic though I think that it is understood universally. It is not necessarily restricted to Melbourne or Australia, but being familiar with the city may mean that you view the designs from a slightly different perspective.

151031-Most Melbourne-0279

You place a high importance on keeping things local. Is this a key part of the brands ethos?

Local is important, everything started here and we have always printed our tees in Melbourne. It is a key part of our ethos and we do as much as we can in Melbourne, to support our local industry.

Would you ever look to expand the range in to cut and sew?

Hopefully one day we can offer cut and sew pieces regularly but that is whole new challenge in itself. It would denitely be something that we would look to be doing in the future.

Should we expect to see any collaborative projects from MOST?

Keep your eye out. We have been working with our friends from the other side of Melbourne. It’s a project that we are excited about.

151031-Most Melbourne-0197

Talk us through your latest release…

Our Summer collection is our favourite to date. The collection draws inspiration from the Melbourne transport system particularly the railway system. Other designs take inspiration from the cafe and food culture of Melbourne, as well as the sport that surrounds our city.

What’s next for MOST?

What is important for us is expanding the brand naturally and staying consistent. Keeping steady in our approach is the main priority for MOST going into future collections and projects. We would like to say a big thanks to Urban Industry for the support and getting us on board, we are definitely looking forward to continuing to work together.

You can shop our first delivery from MOST HERE

Portrait photo: Alberto Zimmermann

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