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Black Scale Fall 2013 Collection

May 12, 2017

Over the course of the next few months we’ll have a couple of new brands dropping at Urban Industry. Some are young brands on the rise; others are veterans returning for another bite of the streetwear apple. One of the brands whose arrival we’re most excited about is Black Scale. The Los Angeles based brand was started back in 2008 by founders Michael “Mega” Yabut and Alfred De Tagle. Over the last 5 years we’ve seen the brand evolve and grow from simple logo t-shirts to more advanced cut & sew offerings. For Fall 2013 the collection is particularly strong and shows yet again that Black Scale aren’t afraid to push boundaries within streetwear. We feel it’s the perfect drop for us to jump on board with here at Urban Industry.

Even though the brand got a lot of attention 12-18 months ago through its association with A$AP Rocky and his crew, we felt like it would’ve been a bit too opportunistic to jump on board with them then. Much like the SSUR ‘Comme Des Fuckdown’ stuff, it eventually became a bit played out regardless of how many units it helped to shift. Instead we bided our time having heard through the grapevine that the brand was planning on taking things in an altogether different direction. This is really evident in the new Fall collection that will be dropping soon. The accompanying ‘Life and Beauty’ lookbook showcases a really impressive range of more high fashion-influenced designs, as well as an expansion on the dark and gritty aesthetics we’ve come to associate Black Scale. Sure, there are some urban ninja/goth #menswear leanings in there but thankfully the overall end result is one that remains balanced and wearable. I for one am really looking to this collection arriving and checking it out in the flesh. Look for an early Autumn drop and stay tuned to our TWITTER and FACEBOOK for more information as and when we get it.


By SeanM

(Image source: HYPEBEAST)

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