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Billionaire Boys Club Summer 2014

May 12, 2017

While Pharrell has basically been off conquering the world these last 12 months, the brands he initially set up with visionary Japanese designer Nigo, namely ICECREAM and Billionaire Boys Club have been ticking along nicely on these shores. Today see us take delivery of the new Billionaire Boys Club Summer 2014 collection. The first thing that struck us as we were unpacking the latest BBC delivery is the sheer explosion of colour throughout the entire. For a man who sings about being happy all the goddamn time, it’s easy to see where Pharrell’s super positive energy crosses over with BBC’s designs. Honestly, not since my childhood days of gasping in awe at the ice-cream van’s menu have I seen such a collection of bright, summery colours amassed.

Elsewhere throughout the BBC Summer ’14 collection we have some great examples of the brand’s clever use of print and fabric. The Billionaire Boys Club Heart and Mind Crewneck and Wealth Club Poloshirt are both great examples of the progressive cut & sew BBC are coming up with to complement their trademark strong selection of graphic print t-shirts and sweats. A personal favourite of mine from this collection has to be the Billionaire Boys Club Vintage Sweatpants which feature an eye-catching BBC logo print down the leg. Having recently modelled these in our regular UIOTF feature, I can attest to both the fit and comfort of these sweats and I highly recommend you check them out. You can shop the entire Billionaire Boys Club Summer 2014 collection by clicking on the link below. Don’t forget we offer free UK delivery on all BBC orders.


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