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Baxter of California

May 12, 2017

Given the incredible popularity of Imperial and Uppercut Deluxe products over the past few months, we here at Urban Industry have decided to expand our men’s grooming products range. We’ve gone straight to the top of the list when it comes to renowned men’s grooming; I am of course talking about Baxter of California. Dropping some time later this week/early next week we will have a full range of Baxter hairstyling, skincare and grooming products on offer. We’re also doing a small touch on the candles cos we fancy. Given the recent boom in men’s grooming and all the hype of new products, ingredients and celebrity endorsements, original founder Baxter Finley must be having a great laugh. Here’s a brief history of the brand from the guys themselves:

“Finley is the unsung father of the modern men’s skincare industry.  Moving from New York City to Los Angeles to work in the fast paced world of advertising in the mid 1960’s Finley realized the constant heat and sun was doing a rough number on his skin. After searching high and low for a moisturizer that wasn’t pink or floral, he finally gave up and created his own, which he called Super Shape. The first line of grooming products created just for men, which he named Baxter of California, was launched from his Beverly Hills headquarters in 1965.

With the massive success of Super Shape, Baxter began churning out more men’s products including Skin Toner for Men, Enriched Night Cream for Men, Under Eye Concentrate for Men, a vitamin enriched soap and a soothing shaving cream. By the 1970’s every Hollywood hotshot was slapping their mugs with Baxter’s bounty. Not only had he launched the first men’s grooming line in the US, but he identified it with the preeminent men of that era. Baxter of California developed a solid reputation for producing premier products specially formulated to meet men’s skincare needs, products that have been sought after by everyone from the guys next door to leading men from Hollywood. This was the line for the ultimate playboy.

By the year 2000 Baxter Finley was ready to live that playboy life he promoted for so long and rang up a family friend, Jean-Pierre Mastey, to take over the reins. JP grew up next door to Baxter and became an entrepreneur sourcing trends and fashion items for the Japanese market. Being an LA tastemaker, he was the key to bringing the brand into the future.

Today Baxter of California has a new look and feel with updated packaging, exciting new imagery, new cutting-edge men’s products that target very specific skincare needs, and improved formulations that combine the trusted traditions of science with fine ingredients with nature. Ideal for all skin types, the high-tech assortment works alone or in tandem, providing men with intelligent skincare solutions to anti-aging, shaving, cleansing and basic skincare”.


by SeanM

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