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Asics Valentine’s Day Pack

May 12, 2017

I once knew this damn dirty dog that broke up with the girl he was seeing a mere fortnight before Valentine’s Day in order to weasel out of buying her a gift. Once the dust had settled this dude just sidled his way back in to her affections, cap in hand and all was forgiven by late February. At the time I thought this was pretty dog-like behaviour, but as the years have passed I realised homeboy had pulled a genius move. Seriously, Valentine’s Day is straight-up a waste of money. You’re just out of the red after Christmas and next thing – boom; you’re expected to shell out for an oversized card (it shows you love more), flowers and an overpriced meal in a restaurant holding you ransom because it’s that ‘special day’.

In spite of this Asics have managed to put together quite a handsome pack to commemorate this terrible, terrible holiday. The Asics Valentine’s Day pack consists of an Asics Gel-Lyte III and Gel Saga both resplendent in shades of red and black with floral detailing throughout. We actually have them on preorder from Feb 1st at Urban Industry ahead of their mid February release so you’ll look suitably fresh as you make that mad dash for garage forecourt flowers on the way home from work because you absolutely positively won’t forget again this year.


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