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AONO Barber Shop Opening Party

May 12, 2017

We’ve long been supporters of Paul from AONO here at Urban Industry. From the first barbers he ran in Hove through to stocking his brand here at UI, we’ve remained good friends with him over the years. When we heard he was opening his new barber shop in Brighton and holding an opening party to celebrate, we battled the torrential downpour and inclement weather to make it over and support him.

The new AONO Barber Shop is situated on Lewes Road, which if you’re not familiar with Brighton may seem like quite a trek. However, it’s fairly straightforward and only took me about 10-15 minutes to walk down from Brighton’s main train station. It’s pretty much a straight line too so you can’t go too far wrong. When I arrived late on Saturday evening the place was absolutely heaving. I had seen earlier on Dan’s (UI head honcho) Instagram that there was quite a large crowd in around lunchtime. The scene when I arrived was pretty much the same, with loads of people buzzing around, chatting and making short work of the drinks that were kindly supplied. I certainly didn’t envy any of the guys working the chairs as it seemed like the queue of lads looking for a fresh trim was never-ending.

I managed to jump in the chair for Brad from HBAD in Bristol. Along with Paul, Brad has had an incredibly busy year. The two are acting as ambassadors for Uppercut Deluxe in the UK, and have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the brand up and down the country. Add to this their work with Vans all over Europe and at major music festivals, and you’ve got two of the busiest individuals going at the moment! In an industry full of shit-talkers and hype merchants, it’s refreshing to see people go out and grab the opportunities presented to them. Granted, I didn’t envy Brad much when he told me about commuting via bus to London, then hopping on the Eurostar to cut hair in Paris for Vans a couple of times a week; but I gotta tip my hat to both of them for going for it.

All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. It’ll be interesting to see what direction Paul takes with AONO next. The Fall/Winter collection drop is imminent, and I know there’s all kinds of cool projects (such as a feature-length TV show) in the works too. If you’re looking for a sharp haircut from one of the UK’s finest team of barbers, then pop in to the AONO Barber Shop next time you’re in Brighton.

The full shop address is:

17A Lewes Road



by SeanM

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