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adidas Originals launch the Tubular Shadow Knit with its nod to Yeezy style

Dec 7, 2016

adidas Original Tubular Shadow Knit Shoes at Urban Industry

adidas Originals continue to find their inspirational streak with this new Tubular Shadow Knit shoe from the Spring 17 range. Some are already comparing the design to the Yeezy collaboration pieces with Kayne but what do you expect from the very brand that designed it with him in the first place? 

What Yeezy did well was bridge the gap between sportswear and high fashion and we’re now seeing the fruits of that labour flow through certain areas of the adidas range. The Tubular Shadow Knit pushes forward in the same vein with its two tone melange knitted upper made from a tough raw fabric.

An interesting design feature is the new ‘Burrito’ style tongue with wraps over itself to contour and hold the foot snug. It all adds to the streamlined, clean lines of the shoe.

Lets face it, Yeezy was and is an iconic moment in sneaker history which for many was impossible to attain. We’re glad to see adidas moving this styling forward, which they are of course partly responsible for, through new shoes which should hopefully be available to way more sneakerheads.  The adidas Original Tubular Shadow Knit Shoes launch here at 00:01 Thursday 8th December 2017.

adidas Original Tubular Shadow Knit Shoes at Urban Industry


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